Idea: In a totalitarian state, members of the public participate in a reality competition show where the winner gains food for their family etc. Inspired by ‘The Walk’ & ‘The Hunger Games’ The strongest member of each family feels obliged to compete in order to give their loved ones a better life. Instead, the show is […]

Writing Dystopian Fiction: 7 Tips

The colour has been leached from it over the years, life taking it’s toll. It began a bright blue but just as the light inside us fades so did my companion. It has remained a loyal servant, it’s dedication to me and my adventures absolutely unwavering. I’ve travelled thousands of hours and meet hundreds of […]

The street was deathly silent. The street was riddled with newspapers. The man dragged his belongings behind him. He was dressed in his nicest suit which felt out of place in the newspaper riddled street.  

A sort of mustiness lingers through the room, a cold dampness that makes remaining in bed all the more inviting. It is far darker than usual, only a muted silver light slips through the blinds. Glancing at my alarm the uncomfortably bright blocks read four thirty-two. Hushed voices

Some good perspectives I found online regarding the similarities between modern society and the society constructed very purposefully by George Orwell in ‘1984’. I agree to a degree on many of these points including their thoughts on mass surveillance and controlling the population through media. We Are Living in George Orwell’s 1984 9 Similarities […]