Literature is most successful when dealing with the big issues in the world. Literature exists to address the problems in our lives, to educate and inform. Therefore it’s easy to see why literature is the most successful when dealing with the big issues in the world, these texts address the pertinent problems and attract the biggest audiences, […]

Introduction: Establishes the over-arching idea/aspect Identify the texts you will refer to Expand on what conclusions this has lead you to Absolute power corrupts absolutely. John Dalberg-Acton is widely believed to have meant that when the individual is placed in positions of absolute power they are corrupted absolutely. So what occurs when the collective has […]

111111111111111111111111111 Nineteen Eighty-Four           Minority Report            Clockwork Orange Unifying Idea: Control Thoughts/actions    The idea of Controlling State Anti-hero character Manipulation of language

Sample Answer A successful text helps us to think but it doesn’t tell us what to do. PARAGRAPH ONE (Address the broader context of the question – take a clear position on the proposition and first speak about literature and the world in general and THEN talk about the specific text as evidence of this position) […]

The difference between worth & value, an argument against modern football. The best of everything to do with people’s humanity is being turned into merchandise Experiences associated with the sport, what football is and the values that keep it upright X How these values are being corrupted, the commodification of players, monetization of fans, destruction […]

Men and women are inherently different and it’s absurd to suggest they should be treated equally. Female athletes have advocated for equal pay for a number of years despite evidence pointing to the contrary, A study conducted by well renowned Israeli physicist Ira Hammerman found that across eighty-two sports all of the female world records […]

Writing Dystopian Fiction: 7 Tips

The colour has been leached from it over the years, life taking it’s toll. It began a bright blue but just as the light inside us fades so did my companion. It has remained a loyal servant, it’s dedication to me and my adventures absolutely unwavering. I’ve travelled thousands of hours and meet hundreds of […]

The street was deathly silent. The street was riddled with newspapers. The man dragged his belongings behind him. He was dressed in his nicest suit which felt out of place in the newspaper riddled street.  

A sort of mustiness lingers through the room, a cold dampness that makes remaining in bed all the more inviting. It is far darker than usual, only a muted silver light slips through the blinds. Glancing at my alarm the uncomfortably bright blocks read four thirty-two. Hushed voices