2nd August 2017

Persuasive Paragraph

Men and women are inherently different and it’s absurd to suggest they should be treated equally. Female athletes have advocated for equal pay for a number of years despite evidence pointing to the contrary, A study conducted by well renowned Israeli physicist Ira Hammerman found that across eighty-two sports all of the female world records fell between 84% and 94% of the male world record. It is perplexing that female athletes and their respective unions can appeal for larger prize sums when they simply aren’t performing to the same level as their male counterparts.

Wimbledon appears as a clear proponent of my argument, each winner of their respective singles tournament, male or female wins 2.2 million pounds for their efforts. I argue that this isn’t fair as Wimbledon generates its revenue through television rights and the male stars such as Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer attract far more fans to the tv screen than Serena Williams and her female compatriates.

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  1. Perhaps I’m a little naive, and perhaps you know this already – but one of the other reasons that no-one is was making a contribution in class was that almost no-one had actually written anything.

    I’d like to acknowledge your level of engagement and interest in our English programme. These things count for everything in my book.



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